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Indian Summer has served its regular patrons and takeaway customers since 2011. Its popularity is maintained by an excellent ever-evolving cuisine comprising fresh home grown vegetables, the most exquisite rices, breads and pulses, and a variety of meats and fish — many imported directly from the Indian subcontinent. Asparagus and alternative vegetables like broccoli, rather than the traditional dish supplements such as cauliflower, are used to create unique new tastes infused with delicate herbs and spices.

Five experienced kitchen staff create dishes, while six attentive, observant and graceful serving staff ensure every meal arrives on time and at the appropriate dining intervals. And the conclusion of dining is met by a touch of elegance - brandy presented at the correct temperature using on-table snifter warmers, or a dish of delicately scented Indian sweets. All contributing to an unforgettable dining experience.

With seating for up to 90 people, the management team endeavour to offer a warm and friendly service, inviting you to enjoy a memorable dining experience for any occasion.

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